Our Story

Dear reader,

A single mother and dynamic woman with a dream.

A woman like this can make anything happen.

This is what we believe in.


Our journey began when the daughter, Konstantina, searched the market in vain for a unique, pure wool scarf that only she would possess. Anastasia, the mother, wanting to provide her girl with what she longed for, set out to find the finest wool to create herself that one-of-a-kind scarf. Excited by the playful process and end result, they decided to create their own business, creating elegant handmade knitwear. As we originate from Greece, where knitting has been a part of our heritage for centuries, it saddens us to see this craft eclipse in many countries, with few exceptions, because we love knitting and its vast possibilities, and see a great opportunity for its revival!


What is our vision? To create and give back. Our principles are two-fold: luxury and ethics. Our ambition is to make sophisticated, design-led accessories and clothing with attention to detail, using fine local yarns that are 100% natural and naturally dyed. Why local? Because we love the North East and are proud to call it our second home, and therefore we would like to support its local people, farms and businesses. This is where everything started after all. We also believe in quality, understated luxury and minimalism. Our style is simple and eclectic and stands out for its sumptuous wools and beautiful textures and silhouettes. We want our customers to feel good and find value in the utility and refined style of their knitwear.


So we simply thank you for your time.

Kind regards, Telchines.


Fun facts: The first knitting union was established in Paris in 1527 and no women were allowed. It was a man's world in knitting as well! Queen Victoria loved knitting and was excellent at the craft. She also had the chance to see great development within the craft and the trade of wool during her lifetime (1837-1981). Knitting is also known to ease a number of physical and psychological conditions such as arthritis, chronic pain, anxiety and even depression!